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A downloadable game for Windows

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This is a Universal save game meaning saves from this game affect other games in the series!

If your a pro Mathemetician then this is the game for you, but you also can battle mobs and never have to touch the math lols :)

This is alot of Math and Battling mobs, every math you get right, adds to your score, every battle you win adds to your score! If you beat Dragons you will get skulls, and a huge Score and Money bonus, This is the 3rd game of the series and is the Core Game of all of them, the other 2 are idle only

You actually have the option if you want your password to access the game deactivated or reactivated again, this is for users who are gonna be the only ones playing the game, having your password deactivated does not delete it!

Character rescue is now enabled! Enjoy! :)

Character rescue2 is now enabled! Enjoy! :)

If you want a Dev version of the game let me know and that way you can help me make this better in ways I may have missed or just not thought of!


Get this game and 4 more for $12.95 CAD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
90% Off
$49.99 $4.99 CAD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 CAD. You will get access to the following files:

Core Math 10 kB

Want a permanent thing your choice to appear in game? :)

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Want a permanent enemy mob to appear in game tell me!

Just tell me a name of a mob and if it's a basic or a boss mob, and I will add it! It will stay permanently in game forever for all players! :)

Want a permanent place or location to appear in game tell me!

Just tell me a name and description of the place, and I will add it! It will stay permanently in game forever for all players! :)

Development log


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If you put as little effort into the game as you did your blurb, then I doubt you will find much success as a game developer.

I'm actually really busy I took a break from this and still am contemplating on giving up on this entire series, partly 1 I have fallen ill and 2ndly I'm looking into "Both" new softwares and coding languages as well! Technically I can always revisit these games and upload them! Also atm currently there is not a whole lot to talk about for any of my 5 games as technically they all are actively running as "Early Access" but I don't think I will actually give up on them all, likely they will get an upgrade from their current forms and then get content added to them, then yes I will have more to actually say about them but if you want me to say more now in their current form the truth is they don't really have much content at all atm! I realized I hit released but I meant to make them all "Early Access" - Let me deal with my health over the next week or 2 then I will decide at that point to work with the same softwares and languages or decide to give all them upgrades or decide to scrap them and make new projects altogether, seeing as I'm the sole programmer on them all nowadays and a lone wolf I prolly won't be pushing games like 5 in a year like I did before I will be doing 1-2 games a year now seeing as a person I know nolonger seems to be interested in helping me out anymore but that's fine I have my health to deal with then I will deal with these games my way when the time seems fit for me to do something about them but me being a successful developer is gonna have to be on hold till I deal with some health problems that cropped up thanks :)

Oh and yeah all the stuff you read in that blurb is literally all the current content there might be a couple technical things more than that but what I said is what a person currently gets! The screenshots are pretty much all the screens in game for most part! :)

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"It is quite a rarity for me to come across a game on the itch marketplace with a page that has writing which is reminiscent of a vile slurry of effluence draining lazily from an emergency storm pipe."

-Shamelessly plagiarized from a game dev critic on my Discord; I also corrected an obvious error in prior edits :P

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I'm overly harsh because you want to charge $4 USD for your game when competing games like this exist on the same storefront and are FREE!.

Just sayin.  If your game was a freebie demo type of thing I'd be a bit more lenient ;)

Game dev life tends to be very much 'sink or swim' and is far harsher than I could ever be.

I've been told I should offer some constructive critique instead of just being overly-harsh.  Ok then.  I'll still be harsh but offer this bit of wisdom:  Get someone else to proofread the writing.  Start with the blurb on your game page and then the actual game itself.  Every great writer has a great proofreader/editor by their side ;)

I'm not a writer lols, I can't write a book, novel, short story, poem, or song! But 2 weeks less a day or 2 i will be back cuz I have heart probs atm, and what games am I charging $4 USD on lols? I'm Canadian so no USD on my side maybe your side but I can't control what your side sees when I'm Canadian, and I'm not competing tbh any sale I get is any sale think of it as coffee money here and there I get, I don't ask for it and nor do I want everyone to play it, if there is a higher price then normal it may be because they are not finished works, therefore I don't want people to buy or play for free quite yet! Think of it as a deterant for now till I add more content to my games! And like I said I'm not 100% solidly sure if I will guaranteed return to any of the 5 games I currently have up atm, I'm actually more likely to start a brand new project using more advanced coding and also more up to date game engines etc. but yeah if you want free games I do actually have quite a number on my drawing board to get to that will indeed be free in the future, but right now I'm recovering my health and atm I'm the only Dev on scene so expect very slow games to come out from here on out as I'm not the speediest programmer alive expect about 6 month intervals from now on between games, that's the nature of all of a sudden having to work by myself on these, most of the work on all my games are mostly me programming or doing it but there was the odd game I had people try their hand at helping or at very least guiding me in the game to make more! :)


Oh and I have given all copies of my game for free but 1 that sold btw actually they just ask me and I send a link to them and they get the game they wanna try, but prices are there as an in case measure they want to support but I have given everything for free basically so far! I have 2 major times I have given alot of my games for free actually! All a person has to do is ask but not often they ask but anyways cheers! Hope you have a fantastic day and as all games I give/sell anyone can request a Dev version of it :D